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Affordable Norwich Pharmacal Orders - NPO

Discover how to unmask someone who defames you on the internet with a Norwich Pharmacal Order - NPO at reasonable costs 

If you are being defamed on the internet by anonymous internet use, you should consider obtaining an affordable Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO) to help you unmask the true identity of your defamer. 

How do you get a Norwich Pharmacal Order

What exactly is an NPO

Can you identify an anonymous internet user with an NPO

What are the requirements to obtain a Norwich Pharmacal Order

Why are we offering affordable Norwich Pharmacal Order

Why call us today to find out how we can help you obtain an NPO

How do you get a Norwich Pharmacal Order

A Norwich Pharmacal Order is commonly referred to as an NPO. Although NPOs are a useful tool for obtaining information in civil proceedings, they are often considered a last resort because of the high costs associated with them. We are able to offer affordable NPO services because of our experienced and efficient team. A team of highly skilled solicitors are available to assist you with internet, data protection and media law.

We can offer a cost-effective, efficient service to clients who require Norwich Pharmacal Orders. NPOs are an effective tool that allows you to obtain information from third parties suspected to be mixed up with unlawful activities. These orders are used to identify anonymous individuals or entities.

Unfortunately, NPOs are often too expensive and difficult to obtain for many. Cohen Davis Solicitors is committed to making this process easier for all. Our team of skilled solicitors can assist you in obtaining a Norwich Pharmacal Order. Often, this is done at a fraction of the cost. Get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

What exactly is an NPO

An NPO is a powerful tool to get information from anyone who might be involved in wrongdoing. These orders can be used to find out the identity of anonymous persons or to request documents and records from third parties. In cases of fraud and defamation, cyberbullying, harassment, breach of privacy, breach of confidence, and online harassment, Norwich Pharmacal Orders are often used. These orders can be a valuable tool for victims of identity theft or online harassment. Sometimes, you can use an NPO to get information from a third-party that isn't a party to the lawsuit.

NPOs, however, are not always readily available and can be difficult to obtain. The party applying for an order must prove that there is a valid reason and that the information is relevant to the case. The court may order the party seeking an order to pay a deposit to cover costs associated with the innocent party complying with the order. NPOs have the potential to give critical information to victims in order to file a case against an anonymous wrongdoer. They can access information they would not be able to obtain through other means. You can access confidential information protected by law or b a duty to confidentiality, such as information which is covered by GDPR and data protection laws by applying for an NPO.

Can you identify an anonymous internet user with an NPO

Yes. You can use an NPO to identify an individual or organisation that might be involved in wrongdoings. You can use it to identify the locations of internet servers provider and of domain name owners. You can also use NPOs in other types of cases. An NPO might be used to trace the proceeds of intellectual property infringements, such as counterfeiting.

An NPO can also get IP address information from an internet service provider or website operator. This information can be used for identifying the exact location of the person/device that accessed the website, along with the date and time of access.

You can also use an NPO to assist you to identify someone who anonymously posted defamatory comments on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram in connection with individuals who post defamatory posts anonymously.

Sometimes, NPOs can also be used to identify an individual who is impersonating another person online or a catfish. It is also possible to identify which office or business address the offensive content was posted from by requesting information from internet service providers and social media platforms. This information can help establish vicarious liability (secondary legal responsibility) for an employer whose employees have posted malicious or defamatory internet posts using the business computer or mobile phone.

You may also use NPOs to obtain from advertising networks such as Google Ads information which will help you identify the person who might have misused your protected intellectual property in their Google Ads account.

Online payment networks such as PayPal can provide you, through an NPO details of their account users. This is often the last resort and can only be used where there is no other identifying information. As money laundering laws require payment networks such as PayPal to perform a thorough identification process of their users, you can follow the money trail online to track and identify fraudsters.

Online data storage, hosting networks and VPN service providers can provide information about their anonymous users. To identify a VPN user you will need to apply for a  Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO) and the identity of the previously anonymous VPN user will be revealed to you.

What are the requirements to obtain a Norwich Pharmacal Order

 A Norwich Pharmacal is a court order that requires a third party to reveal information that could lead to the identification of a wrongdoer. NPOs, which force innocent third parties into disclosing information about their activities and their uses, are considered invasive. This is because internet users are not always aware that their private information will be shared. These are the criteria that must be met in order to get a Norwich Pharmacal order:

  1. You have to have reasonable suspicion that someone has done wrong.
  2. You must obtain the necessary information to identify the offender.
  3. The third party from which the information is sought must have been mixed up in a wrongdoing
  4. The hardship imposed on the third party providing the information under the NPO must be proportionate. 

The person who seeks the order must have legitimate reasons to need the information.  The individual or business seeking the NPO must be able to prove that they have suffered a wrong and that the wrongdoer may have information that would help to correct that wrong.

They must demonstrate that they have a good motive to obtain the information from the wrongdoer and not just for harassment or vexation.  The individual or company must prove that they have tried everything possible to obtain the information, but failed.  If all criteria are met, a court will approve the NPO.

Why are we offering affordable Norwich Pharmacal Order

We are always striving to make it as easy as possible for people to obtain disclosure orders including NPOs. It is all part of our mission for the internet to be safer. We believe that once NPOs are made more affordable for as many people as possible, future internet scammers and fraudsters may begin to see that there are very few places for them to hide. This will undoubtedly make the internet more secure.

The right place to help you obtain an NPO at an affordable price is here. Cohen Davis Solicitors offers a variety of internet-related legal services including applications for NPOs. We offer these services at a reasonable price. Our experienced and efficient team allows us to offer a low-cost NPO service.

How to find out more about an affordable NPO

You should call us now to find out more about how we can assist you with a successful application for an NPO because:

  • Our team includes highly qualified solicitors with extensive knowledge in media, internet, data protection and harassment law.
  • We can offer you the best advice and guidance so that you get the order you want.
  • Fixed fee for Norwich Pharmacal Order application services is also available so you know what the cost will be upfront.
  • Our track record is proven and we have been successful in obtaining NPOs from many different courts around the world.
  • We have experience with a wide range of internet companies such as broadband providers, social media companies and VPNs. This gives us confidence that our clients will get the best outcome.
  • Our dedicated team will work tirelessly for your NPO to be granted.
  • We have unique and efficient processes that allow us to deliver your NPO at very competitive and affordable prices.

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