Defamation on the internet by Paul Britton and his company Origin Design could result in a prison sentence!

Defamation Legal Advice » Defamation on the internet might land you in jail!.

Paul Britton, a web designer who created websites to defame his own client pleaded guilty last week at Kingston Crown Court to one count of harassment of his own client. The Judge told Britton that his offence could attract a jail sentence, it was reported by the Evening Standard. The conviction was possible after  the UK based law firm Cohen Davis Solicitors secured evidence linking Mr Britton and his company Origin Design to the defamatory posts through legal action in the USA.

Paul Britton, of Turnham Green Terrace Mews, Chiswick, is also a director of a web design and internet marketing company  Origin Design. He created a campaign of defamation and intimidation against his own client, falsely describing him as a paedophile, following a dispute over a small amount of money.

Britton is not the first web designer to do such thing. Our defamation lawyers dealt with about 6 similar cases last year. Professional web designers who engage in such dubious practices tend to know their way around the internet, which makes it easier for them to avoid detection and to ever be brought to justice.

The police is often unable to assist the victims because the quality of the evidence that a serious and expensive criminal investigation might produce is not likely to meet the required standard of proof in criminal courts which is “beyond reasonable doubt”.

In the case of Paul Britton it took extraordinary efforts to be able to prove the web designer’s guilt. …Read in full on Defamation Legal Advice blog


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